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Sludge Management & Control

Sludge Management Control provides a reliable system that CONVERTS CLASS B SLUDGE TO CLASS A, eliminating the liabilities of Class B disposal.  ALL with ZERO capital investment from our customers!


Produces a Class A sludge that can be used without environmental and human health risks, spelled out in the EPA Description and uses for Class A sludge.


Our innovative process converts, dewaters and returns a Class 2 water back to your facility for continued recycling.


As part of the project, we haul off only the dewatered sludge and take it directly from your plant to any approved discharge site.

green technology

Our process is good for the community, good for our customers and good for the environment!

Patent Pending – Class B to A Conversion System

Unique & Patent Pending

Class “B” Sludge to Class “A” Conversion System∗

Sludge Management & Control has developed and builds a test-proven system that incorporates a one-step process to convert Class B sludge to Class A at a rate of 400 gpm per system. This patent pending system and process has no moving parts and converts sludge to Class A in minutes, eliminating the liabilities of Class B sludge, and allowing it to be reused for topsoil, plant bedding, and land applications of any type without risk of contamination.

SMC can customize the system to meet all your needs with no capital investment. Long term contracts required to maximize the benefits. Contact SMC for details.

Patent Pending – Class B to A Conversion System






Eliminates landfills, storage in lagoons, danger water run off.



Reduces the number of trucks transporting Class B Sludge on the highways.



Eliminates liability and is environmentally friendly.

Patent Pending – Class B to A Conversion System

Other Processes

Liquid Sludge Class B, Hauled in Tanker Trucks
This is the most commonly used process. One tanker can haul 6,000 to 7,000 gallons of Class B sludge that is 90% water. This process is inefficient, and the weight limits the amount that can be legally hauled. Therefore, it takes several tankers to empty the average digester. Then this process requires it to be transported to a dewatering plant, unloaded, then the dewatered sludge gets loaded again to be transported to the approved disposal site for Class B disposal.

Dewatering Roll-off Boxes
The typical 20 to 30 yards boxes are normally used on smaller projects.  They are awkward to use.  When loading the roll-off box back onto the transporter, they often spill out over the back if loaded too quickly before reaching the required dryness.

Belt Presses or Screw Presses
A common process used in plants for dewatering. However, for a lot of plants the cost to purchase and maintain a belt press or screw press isn’t as cost effective or feasible. The dewatered sludge still needs to be loaded into a trailer or roll-off box to be taken to a landfill for disposal after processing as a Class B sludge with liabilities.

Drying Bed
A commonly used process by small to medium size plants, but there are drawbacks. They have to be dug out and loaded into a roll-off box or trailer and then hauled off for disposal. It takes several days and a large area for the process, and rain and weather conditions can hinder the drying process. State agencies are starting to discourage the use of dying beds due to environmental concerns, such as overflowing during heavy rains.

SMC Solution

∗ Patent Pending system

  • We process sludge in one quick, fast and simple process
  • Our dewatered sludge is converted to Class A sludge in minutes
  • Our dewatered sludge can be used on farms, landscaping, yards, compost, mulch, and topsoil
  • Our dewatered sludge can also be used as a Fertilizer
  • Our process eliminates the liability of Class B sludge
  • We require ZERO CAPITAL to convert to our system
  • There are no moving parts to our system that wear out
  • There is no maintenance for you going forward, it’s all on us
  • No need to run your belt press or screw press
  • No need to truck your liquid sludge around town
  • We make the most environmentally friendly sludge in minutes