About Sludge Management & Control, LLC

A Sludge & Wastewater Management System

“We Make It Simple”

Sludge Management Control provides a reliable system∗ that CONVERTS CLASS B SLUDGE TO CLASS A, eliminating the liabilities of Class B disposal.  ALL with ZERO capital investment from our customers!

Our innovative process converts, dewaters and returns a Class 2 water back to your facilities for continued recycling.  As part of your project, we haul off only the dewatered sludge and take it directly from your plant to any approved discharge site.

Our process is good for the community, good for our customers and good for the environment!

We have been in the “INNOVATION” business 35 years. We started building Innovated equipment in the early 80’s. Our company is made up of some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry of managing Sludge and Wastewater. We have experience in operations, maintenance and repairs as well as fabrication and construction.

∗ Patent Pending – Class B to A Conversion System

What are you waiting for?

Reduce your costs

10% – 20% Reduction in cost


100% of waste can be used for commercial purposes


No capital investment required.