Sludge Management & Control, LLC

A Sludge & Wastewater Management System

“We Make It Simple” By killing 99.96% of the pathogens in:

Municipal Waste • Industrial Waste • Animal Waste

Sludge Management Control provides a reliable system that CONVERTS CLASS B SLUDGE TO CLASS A, eliminating the liabilities of Class B disposal.


ALL with ZERO capital investment from our customers!

Let us process it before you store it

Our process kills 99.96% of the Pathogens in:
Municipal Waste • Industrial Waste • Animal Waste

Common Uses Include:


Let us process it before it goes into a pond, lagoon or open retainment tank.

Hog Farms / Livestock Pits

No need to expand or build storage.  Let us process it quickly and efficiently.

Treatment Ponds

We’ll clean it out for you.

Live Stock Pits

Even properly functioning pits can cause odor nuisance.  We can turn your Class B sludge into Class A sludge in minutes.

Municiple Waste Plants

Excessive amounts of municipal sludge with high pollutant content have become a worldwide environmental problem.  We have a better way!

∗ Patent Pending – Class B to A Conversion System

What are you waiting for?

Reduce your costs

10% – 20% Reduction in cost


100% of waste can be used for commercial purposes


No capital investment required.